About us

Falcon Restoration was thought out from our experiences running our first company, Green Comfort. When a big storm hit an area, we noticed we did not have the time to reach out to all the home owners who had a need, we also found out after the fact, the insurance estimates were sometimes way off, and the homeowner was stuck footing the bill.

After years of figuring out how to staff our sales force for the first few weeks after a storm and after we learned how to best work with insurance companies so the homeowner was treated right, we started to build and form relationships with other contractors first in the area, and then throughout the US. With a dedicated core group of talented individuals, we have transformed into Falcon Restoration to serve your needs.

We are continually looking for and working with contractors with the US as they do not have time to figure out how to temporarily staff people to talk to home owners, nor do they always know the best ways to work with insurance companies. So they essentially hire us on as a temporary sales force allowing the local contractors to do what they do best, fix roofs, gutters, and siding while we work closely with homeowners and insurance companies to get the job done right the first time.


Specializing in efficiently and effectively restoring your home, after damage caused by wind, rain and hail, to its original condition. We work with your insurance company to ensure you are provided the best possible service. 

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Connect with the Falcon Restoration Team, and work together to help reduce your stress levels by getting the best repairs for your money. We will work with you, with local contractors, and with insurance companies so everyone can feel satisfied while we get your home back in shape after a storm.

Contact us at 1-800-606-3573 or use our Contact Us Form and a Falcon Team member will be in touch shortly to discuss your restoration needs.