Events such as storms, wind or hail can leave behind unseen damage. Our team will thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for damage, documenting and photographing everything along the way.

Insurance adjusters can inadvertently miss damaged items.  Our team of experts will document all damage incurred and see to it that you get the most out of your claim as possible.

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Hail damage is a common cause of problems, diminishing the functional integrity of your roof. The unique climate of our service region creates conditions for hail year-round, especially in late winter and early spring.


And hail damage doesn't stop at your roof!  Hail damage to siding is unsightly and can lower your property value, creating resale problems in the future.

As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to be aware of the long-term effects of hail damage. Hail damage is unsightly but even more, it compromises the integrity of your roof-which means your investment in your home is at risk. Fortunately, hail damage to your roof is often covered by Homeowner’s Insurance, but you don't have go it alone!

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When you work with Falcon Restoration, you don't have to "go it alone", when dealing with your insurance company. Our team knows what the insurance adjusters need to ensure that your claim is handled properly, and to make sure someone is in your corner, looking out for your best interests.

Whether you're a homeowner or commercial property owner, you've got a team of experienced, professional advocates on your side.


With energy costs continuing to rise, the popularity of green roofing systems is also on the rise. According to the US Dept of Energy, the average American household releases about 2 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as energy is consumed each year. It has also been reported that homeowners spend upwards of 11 billion dollars a year to cool their homes.

Several states have passed tax incentives, rebate programs and building permit waivers for homeowners and businesses to help stimulate more eco-friendly and environmentally conservative building practices.

Listed below are several types of roofing systems offered by Falcon Restoration that can help to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and the overall carbon footprint. Many of these systems are low maintenance, offer a substantial energy savings, and are a smart investment for homeowners and businesses.

Green roof systems are classified as: protective coatings, reflective membranes, garden systems, slate, metal, tile, concrete and photovoltaics. Scroll down for a detailed description and the benefits of each green roof system offered by Falcon Restoration.


A reflective roof coating or white roof, is the best known and most applied of all Green Roof Systems. These systems reduce roof temperatures and thereby save electricity, and are great for almost every application, including residences, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, retail buildings, schools, malls, and hi-rises.

White roof systems involve applying a fluid directly onto the roof. A superior acrylic roof coating waterproofing component and super tough polyester-mat as the reinforcement component is normally used. Compared to most re-roofing alternatives, this system provides an efficient, high-quality solution at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the benefits of white roof systems are:

  • They are Safe to Apply: The roof coating is applied at ambient temperature, eliminating the possibility of injuries from 500 degree asphalt, and fires caused from overheated kettles or torches.
  • There is NO adverse Environment Impact: Since there is no tear-off of the existing roof, and it is applied at ambient temperature, we are not contributing to landfill and not polluting the atmosphere with smoke. The reflective coating reduces roof surface temperature and saves electricity, the reason we call it a Green Roof System.
  • They are Odorless: Acrylic roof coatings have NO odor, unlike the odors of melted asphalt or tar. Because there are no odors to irritate customers or employees, the project is less disruptive to your ongoing income producing business activity.
  • Reflective coatings are Lightweight: The system’s light weight allows application over the original roof with a minimal weight increase: 40 lbs. per 100 sq. ft., as opposed to 175 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. for a cap sheet, and 500 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. for a gravel roof.
  • And Strong: Over 300% stronger than fiberglass or organic roofing felts.
  • And Flexibility: Acrylic roof coatings go on at ambient temperature and retain their structure and flexibility, unlike hot applications, which become brittle after drying.
  • They Create a Monolithic Roof: As the polyester is embedded in the acrylic coating, the saturated membrane becomes a seamless, integral part of the total roof system.
  • Reflective Coatings Keep the Building and Roof Cool: The white acrylic roof coating protects the roof from ultraviolet deterioration, and reflects solar induced heating from the building interior. This lowers the cost to run AC equipment and reduces energy consumption, maintenance, and utility costs.
  • They are Cost Effective: This system can be expense-out as maintenance, rather than capitalized over years like a conventional roof.


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